13 Oct

Fun Desert Safari Deals Challenge Your Adrenaline

Do you want to get closer to nature of the Middle East? Do you like have a vacation challenging your adrenalin? Desert safari deals are a right choice to pump your adrenaline during a fun vacation. It is ensured to forget all problems by following this amazing adventure. What are desert safari deals? This is adventurous vacation on the desert in the Middle East. The desert safari is a tourism destination in Dubai that is recommended to visit especially those liking challenge and adventure. It is appropriate for adults, family, and kids but it is possibly allowed for below 3 years old.

How Much Is the Cost of Desert Safari Deals?

If you get interested in desert safari deals, you can contact tour agent to select desert safari package. With the helps of search engine, you will know the closest and trusted tour agents with competitive cost. So, what is the estimated cost of desert safari deal? This tour takes a price of 545 dirham per person for a long package starting from morning to evening. There is also short package for 4 hours or a night only. This depends on the desire to enjoy this safari tour. It tends to be expensive because it is relatively a private tour.

Fun Activities to Do during Desert Safari Deals

Joining desert safari deals is a fun activity in a vacation. If you want to enjoy it, it should pick out tourism package in travel and tour agents. You will be picked up by cars from an appointment spot. A car usually accommodates 6 to 7 people. The driver of cars is guide of desert safari tourism. They are trained to pass difficult and hard terrains on the dessert.

Off Roads on Dessert

Desert safari deals have 6-hours duration with some fun activities to do. You may feel off road sensation and do maneuver on the wide dessert. That is so fun. The off road sensation on the dessert is fantastic and awesome. The cars used are SUV Sports and even luxury sport SUV cars. The desert tour is often offered by hotels in Dubai with various costs. When you do off road, you will stop in the first stop in which it sells various drinks, foods, and souvenirs. Then, it is continued to the trip on the dessert.

Scary Dune Bashing

The next trip on the dessert is going to the dessert for dune bashing. It is a full emotional adventure outpacing your adrenaline. This is the real experience and adventure. This is actually similar to off road. The drivers will maneuver as like that by going up dessert and going down quickly. They are spinning around with the car so that you will scream loudly. The car windows must be closed and wear seal belt. This scary dune bashing will be run for a half of hour.

Drinking and Eating Arabic Foods

After you have conducted dune bashing, the last destination is drinking and eating Arabic foods. This is the final destination of dessert safari deals. There are typical Arabic tents around the stage. You can ride camels and drink and eating Arabic foods there.

1 Oct

Luxurious Arabian Desert Safari

What’s in your mind when you hear about desert safari? I bet you must be thinking about exploring the desert riding a camel or you can imagine yourself as Lawrence of the Arabia or may be one of those stories from 1001 Nights saga. Arabian desert has very exotic atmosphere for many of us and with the safari tour on the desert, you can get to know the real experience. Here in Dubai, the most popular tourism destination in Arabian world, it won’t be difficult to find desert tour package.

These days, desert safari becomes more and more popular tourism attraction in Dubai. It is a good experience to change the scenery from the ultra-modern city into a quite landscape of the desert. You will love the amazing sceneries and the magical atmosphere the desert can offer. It brings you to your imagination of desert adventure. With such popularity it isn’t a surprise that there are many tours and travels agencies in Dubai offering desert safari tour. But don’t forget, not all of them are offering the same quality so be sure you won’t make the wrong choice that leads you to disappointment. When it comes to Desert Safari Dubai, there’s no more trusted name than Dream Night Tours. This is the leading tourism tour and travel company in Dubai and known among the pioneers of luxury desert safari tours. With years of experience and commitment to deliver the best quality service to its customers, it is able to manage the most compelling desert safari package with luxury accommodation. It offers morning safari and night safari tours, each one with great attractions and experiences giving you the moment of your life.

Dream Night Tours isn’t only offering ordinary desert safari tour but luxury desert safari packages. All details are prepared with careful and precision. The package will be including pick and drop at your hotel and you will be taken to desert hill outside the city using luxury SUV. During the whole tour you will get first class facilities for your ultimate comfort. Many attractions offered ranging from camel riding, dune bashing, sand boarding, ATV off road, and many more. The night safari tour will be including dinner at local Bedouin camp with traditional entertainment. The whole tour will be assisted by highly experienced tour guides for your highest satisfaction.

It is guaranteed there’s no other desert safari tour can offer the same luxury and the same experience like Dream Night Tours.