1 Oct

Luxurious Arabian Desert Safari

What’s in your mind when you hear about desert safari? I bet you must be thinking about exploring the desert riding a camel or you can imagine yourself as Lawrence of the Arabia or may be one of those stories from 1001 Nights saga. Arabian desert has very exotic atmosphere for many of us and with the safari tour on the desert, you can get to know the real experience. Here in Dubai, the most popular tourism destination in Arabian world, it won’t be difficult to find desert tour package.

These days, desert safari becomes more and more popular tourism attraction in Dubai. It is a good experience to change the scenery from the ultra-modern city into a quite landscape of the desert. You will love the amazing sceneries and the magical atmosphere the desert can offer. It brings you to your imagination of desert adventure. With such popularity it isn’t a surprise that there are many tours and travels agencies in Dubai offering desert safari tour. But don’t forget, not all of them are offering the same quality so be sure you won’t make the wrong choice that leads you to disappointment. When it comes to Desert Safari Dubai, there’s no more trusted name than Dream Night Tours. This is the leading tourism tour and travel company in Dubai and known among the pioneers of luxury desert safari tours. With years of experience and commitment to deliver the best quality service to its customers, it is able to manage the most compelling desert safari package with luxury accommodation. It offers morning safari and night safari tours, each one with great attractions and experiences giving you the moment of your life.

Dream Night Tours isn’t only offering ordinary desert safari tour but luxury desert safari packages. All details are prepared with careful and precision. The package will be including pick and drop at your hotel and you will be taken to desert hill outside the city using luxury SUV. During the whole tour you will get first class facilities for your ultimate comfort. Many attractions offered ranging from camel riding, dune bashing, sand boarding, ATV off road, and many more. The night safari tour will be including dinner at local Bedouin camp with traditional entertainment. The whole tour will be assisted by highly experienced tour guides for your highest satisfaction.

It is guaranteed there’s no other desert safari tour can offer the same luxury and the same experience like Dream Night Tours.

7 Sep

Most of Mykonos Villas

Bright sunshine, blue skies and the crystal clear turquoise sea make the best scenery for an unforgettable vacation. Greece is famous for its exquisite and timeless beauty. It is the birthplace of Eros and romance, the perfect destination for your wedding or honeymoon or for a special escape.

If you like to entertain or just have a good time with your family or friends a comfortable dining area in your Mykonos villa gives you the opportunity to do just that, along with a well-stocked bar that will have wine lovers blast sampling some of the best wines.
Most of our Mykonos villas have a well-designed open plan kitchen which is fully equipped with all modern appliances and include everything required by the culinary talent in your group.

15 Aug

Viet Bamboo Travel – What’s So Good About It?

If you want to travel with a twist, it’s always a good choice to hire Viet Bamboo Travel when visiting Vietnam to get exceptional tour packages that will make most of your vacation!

Vietnam is known for its dramatic landscapes, epic food, pulsating energy, and fascinating history, which will surely electrify all your senses as well as seize your from different angles. There are many reasons why you should visit this wonderful country. Once you have decided to pack up and travel to this majestic country, having a travel agency by your side will surely make a difference.

Viet Bamboo Travel is a travel tour company that’s always at your service and will make your travel, vacation or holidays in Vietnam an enjoyable and memorable one. One of their finest tour packages is Vietnam Sapa tour, which are perfect for those who want to go trekking and explore the colorful village of Sapa.


Sapa is situated in Vietnam’s north part and found in the middle of magnificent landscapes. It isn’t only one of the perfect places in the country of Vietnam, but also in Asia. Through bracing mountain air and ethnic cultures, it is a beautiful combination of landscapes. That is the reason why it is a must visit once you took a tour in Vietnam.

There are other Vietnam tour and vacation packages, you can enjoy from Viet Bamboo Travel. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any tour you want. To check out more tours, visit Vietnam Vacation Tours.

One of the best things about Viet Ba

mboo Travel is that they are really knowledgeable about the different places that yo

u can visit in Vietnam. They also giv

e insider tips or advice to make their clients knowledgeable about a particular landmark. With their experience in travel industry, you can be assured that your trip to Vietnam will not just be fun, but also educational, which you can share with others.


Viet Bamboo Travel also offers cost-effective tour packages. Regardless of your budget for your travel, rest assured that there’s always a good tour package suitable for you. Aside from the wonderful landscapes, Viet Bamboo Travel will also introduce you to different delicacies in Vietnam. They know the best restaurants where you can eat tasty and delicious meals that haven’t tried before. If you like shopping, Viet Bamboo Travel will also introduce you to

the unique markets found in Vietnam.

You can always plan your vacation in Vietnam by yourself, but it makes a difference if you will rely on Viet Bamboo Travel. With this finest travel company, you will be able to save your time and enjoy a wonderful travel at the same time without the need for you to deal with numerous problems, especially when planning.

Many people have already enjoyed the services provided by this exceptional travel agency. If you want to be one of their happy and satisfied clients, then hurry and discover why it’s highly recommended by many travelers out there. If you like Sapa tours in Vietnam, check out Vietnam Sapa tours.

17 Jul

Get Your Own Desert Adventure!

The Arabian desert is often portrayed on different movies as a wild unforgiving land, the place for great adventures. From the flamboyant Indiana Jones to the romantic Aladdin, it can’t be denied that those movies make us dream about our own Arabian desert adventure. It is really great to know there are tourism tour package allowing you to explore the desert and get a little bit of Arabian adventure. Before you can experience those exotic adventure, you must fly to Dubai first!

Dubai has been growing into a metropolitan city and it becomes the symbol of the world luxurious lifestyle. This city attracts many tourists from all over the world that it becomes one of the most popular tourism destination these days. No wonder since Dubai offers many things. More than just the skyscrapers and luxurious shopping but beyond the city wall, you can explore the desert with the safari tour. The Desert Safari tour is designed explore the desert so tourists can witness the beauty of the landscape and get the experience of a lifetime. Today, it becomes one of the most popular tourism attractions here in Dubai. No wonder you can easily find offers of desert safari tours from many tourism agencies in this city.

As mentioned above, the desert is a wild landscape with its own menace. It is very important that desert tour is guided by expert professionals to optimally protect your safety while you can still enjoy the ultimate experience. Among many desert safari tours offered there, it is highly recommended that you only choose Desert Safari Deals. This provider offers all in one desert safari packages with guaranteed best experience and the most competitive rate. There are different packages available from Deluxe to VIP packages with various adventure to choose including off road tours, camel ride, and many more.

Desert Safari Deals has team of highly experience professional guides. They will make sure you can get the best experience on the desert. This tour package is including pick and drop at the hotel, VIP transport, and all the attractions. It is including dinner at Bedouin tent with entertainment including belly dance and more. This desert adventure is definitely one thing you can’t miss while you are visiting Dubai. Learn more about Desert Safari Deals from its website. You can find complete information about the packages offered including the rate. It is also easy to make your reservation online.

28 Jun

Explore Wildlife Like Never Before – Go for a Luxury Safari to Kenya

Lions and panthers are simply part of the scene in Kenya, East Africa’s most loved safari destination. More than 40 national parks and nature stores are scattered between Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, covering each believable scene and featuring pretty much every creature in Africa: from aardvarks to zebras. As you may expect, natural life safaris are the backbone of Kenyan tourism, and the framework for travelers is great. Jeeps, transports and light airplane fan out every day the nation over to safari holds up and tented camps, some basic and provincial, others luxurious and lavish. Refreshingly, you can appreciate close experiences with nature even on a financial plan; with strolling safaris keep running by tribal aides and monetary tented camps that ration creature solaces, however not on creatures.


The vast majority begins the adventure in Nairobi, yet few wait when there are more alluring urban communities unstable along the sun-kissed Kenyan drift and specked around the Great Rift Valley. Whether you pick the inside or the coast, with its shoreline resorts and Islamic remains, you can make sure to locate a national stop or save close nearby – Nairobi even has a national park inside as far as possible, with zebras and giraffes only a short distance from suburbia. Travel in Kenya is additionally a great spot for social experiences, with more than 40 distinctive tribal gatherings, every after its own novel lifestyle. The semi-roaming Maasai, with their rainbow-shaded, dab secured embellishments, are maybe the most evident gathering, however going to any tribal town is a captivating background. On appearan

ces, Kenya would appear like the ideal holiday destination, yet tourism has had its good and bad times as of late, with political change amid races and a string of prominent activist assaults in Nairobi and along the coast. These set-backs have made a detectable mark in Kenya’s tourist industry, yet travelers still rush to the abounding fields of the Maas

ai Mara and trek the inclines of Mount Kenya, and the greatest choice for most is not whether to go to Kenya, but rather, which wild creature to scan for first.

Kenya is the place “going on safari” begasingan. A hundred years or so prior, guests from everywhere throughout the world, including Teddy Roosevelt, began traveling to Africa, attracted by stories of huge numbers of wild creatures; there were more than 3 million

huge well evolved creatures wandering East Africa’s fields at the time. Today guests keep on flocking to this East African country every year. In spite of the fact that people have made their imprint, Kenya still clutches its perfect wild. At the point when the yearly wildebeest and zebra relocation tops off the recreation center with upwards of one million lumbering herbivores, a great number of which are quietly stalked by hungry cats, the untamed life viewing is really unparalleled.

In any case, enlightened up guests confront a limitless decision of option settings and exercises. The different Rift Valley lakes offer an oceanic supplement to the savannah, while Mt Kenya is home to snow capped good countries and glaciated edges. Samburu National Reserve showcases parched pros, for example, the Beisa oryx and Somali ostrich, while Malinidi Marine Nati

onal Park harbors ocean turtleceetahs and whale sharks. Perhaps the absolute most essential impact on the conduct of natural life (and subsequently your odds of seeing it) is downpour. The primary tourist season keeps running amid the hot, dry months from June to August, dry months of December and January, and the cool, in spite of the fact that Kenya can truly be gone by whenever of year. At the point when the long rains tumble from March to May things are much calmer, there are less tourists and convenience costs descend, however take note of that some spots close totally.

How and what to book 

The lion’s share of midrange and up market travelers like to complete all the diligent work before landing  in Kenya by booking either through safari travel specialists or specifically with safari organizations. This practice additionally guarantees that you’ll have the capacity to secure a spot at the more well known hotels, particularly amid top seasons when spots begin topping off months ahead of time. Notwithstanding, in case you’re going for the financial backing route, it is frequently much less expensive to mastermind everything on the ground after you arrive.

Most safari administrator value cites incorporate park extra charges, full food and lodging, transport costs from the beginning base to the different parks, and the expenses of fuel in addition to an aide for natural life drives. Drinks (whether alcoholic or not) are by and large prohibited. Value cites as a rule accept twofold inhabitance, with supplements for singles goi

ng from 20% to half of the twofold inhabitance rate. Most midrange safaris use lodges, where you’ll have a private

room and eat in a smorgasbord style cafeteria. A weakness is that they may have fairly a bundled visit or generation line feel. Private hotels, luxury tented camps and even private fly-in camps are utilized as a part of top-end safaris, all


with the point of giving exceptionally customized encounters without prior creature solaces. Most spending plan safaris are exploring the great outdoors trips that keep to a no nonsense setup with fundamental suppers and a base number of staff.


The safari experience 

Diversion drives are the foundation of most safaris, with the thought being to spend however many hours as could reasonably be expected in the shrubbery hunting down creatures. An amusement drive should be possible whenever of day, yet early morning,

mid-morning and late evening, with a break at an opportune time for breakfast, and another amidst the day for lunch, is the typical arrangement. Night drives are additionally an amazing approach to see nighttime creatures, in s

pite of the fact that they’re not allowed all around.

A couple key extras can greatly enhance the nature of your safari experience. Field guides delineate the widely varied vegetation of a particular zone close by photos, distinguishing proof pointers and conveyance maps. In case you’re into photography, put resources into an amazing computerized SLR with a 100-400mm zoom lens and a little, collapsible tripod. At long last,

a quality pair of binoculars is presumably the most imperative bit of gear on safari – even a modest working pair is superior to anything none by any stretch of the imagination! Here are some of the best activities you can do in Kenya to make the most use of your time there.

Burchell's Zebra (Equus burchellii), small group amongst wildebeest herd, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Source: oryxphotography.com


A huge number of field’s diversion move in an interminable cycle of birth and death from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara.

EYEBALL BIG GAME. Going by Kenya’s incredible national stops and amusement holds practically ensures that you’ll see the Big Five and also colossal crowds of field’s creatures and several beautiful winged creatures.

AFRICA’S FABLED TRIBE. The tall and stately red-robed Maasai have held wayfarers, globe-trotters, and journalists in thrall for a considerable length of time.

Shoreline ESCAPES. Miles of white sandy shorelines lined by a purplish blue sea and water sports in abundance. From jumping and snorkeling to windsurfing, there’s something for everybody.


Source: africaexclusivesafaris.com

Get back to better days. Look at old history along the coast where Arab merchants and Vasco da Gama once cruised. In the little UNESCO World Heritage town of Lamu you’ll locate an Arabic lifestyle unaltered for quite a long time.

8 Jun

Become Closer To Each Other On A Mother Daughter Weekend Getaway

A few people can be overcome with uneasiness at essentially spending a two or more days alone with family. Despite this, with summer coming soon, this is the ideal time to fortify that remarkable connection that exists between a mother and daughter and set out on a weekend getaway focused on reinforcing your relationship.

With good organizing and an optimistic outlook, these mother daughter weekend getaways can be thought back to years later as you both remember the brilliant times you had together. They even create a chance to cut down existing boundaries and push both parent and child into having an enhanced relationship. Here are a some tips and directions for sorting out a getaway that will leave both individuals fulfilled by the time spent with each other.

One individual or the other the should not be given the commitment to organize everything about the retreat. Instead, try an approach where both people feel that they are contributing. In the event that one is amped up for surfing and the other is excited about doing some cooking, sort out the getaway with the goal that you can go to surfing lessons one day and cooking classes the accompanying. Both of you discover the chance to achieve something that you like that way.

Work together to pick what sort of getaway you may require. Would you say that you are thinking that you want to relax or would you say you are in the mood for something more thrilling? Taking this into consideration, you should both propose plans that fit your needs. For instance, taking off to a spa session if you’re trying to loosen up or white water rafting if that you’re into having more exciting.

A possible cause of tension on a weekend getaway is money spent. Keeping this in mind, you should pick who will pay for what before the event. Will you be both be paying half to everything, or will one individual pay for particular activities while one pays for others.

Remember that the reason for the getaway is the how the time is spent, not the measure of time. Consider any past trips before you start another that may continue for two or three weeks. If both mother and daughter prefer a short time together so they can become better acquainted with each other, settle on a brief trip or a long weekend that goes for just three or four days.

In spite of the way that you’re focussed on having quality time with your family member, you moreover have the decision of doing exercises accompanied by others, including, climbing, trekking or rafting. Meeting new companions from different families can help both of you to become closer to each other.

Over the span of your retreat you don’t need to contribute all of your time with each other. Both of you could have some time without the other. On the event that you are interested about individual activities, discover them. You’ll return feeling fortified and willing to proceed with extra time together.

Leave your phones, MP3 players and any other contraptions behind while pursuing the chance to be familiar with each other. Intrusions like these can take away from the goal of the getaway and can make the other individual feel like they’re being ignored.

Brought to you by mother daughter retreats

5 Jun

The amazing shows of Las Vegas

Find out which are the best shows in Las Vegas for you to see. They are considered the biggest and best shows in the world. Considered the capital of fun and entertainment, the city of Las Vegas is home to hundreds of concerts and performances that make the nights of the tourists even more amazing and give life to the city. The problem is that in the midst of so many choices, which is the best show in Las Vegas? Which show should I go to? In fact, there is no better or worse show, but shows with different themes and styles and it is best to research well and pick the one you think is best. What is indisputable is that Cirque Du Soleil shows are unmissable and are on the list of the best and most popular shows in Las Vegas, and you should go on at least one of them to get to know this incredible production, but remember that they are also the most expensive. But rest assured, we will give you tips to buy cheaper tickets for the shows.



Virtually all top shows are located in theaters that are within the large City’s Hotel Casinos, so it’s nice to see what shows you will have in your hotel, which already facilitates your mobility. The shows of Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas are the most sought after and there are more than six in Las Vegas, each with a different theme. The most popular and considered to be the city’s best show is the show “O”, an amazing musical with aquatic theme, which is performed on a stage covered with water. There is also the show Ká, which is a very beautiful show based on an Egyptian story, the Show Zarkana, which is a darker, mysterious show and also the show Zumanity, which is intended for adults with strong and sexy scenes.


Two other really cool shows of Cirque du Soleil that are well animated and very popular are the Show Love Beatles, which is an amazing show based on the achievements and history of the band and the show Michael Jackson One, where an artist presents this music legend. The shows of Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas are appreciated by everyone and are amazing productions with lots of lightning, dancing, magic and a perfect scenario. They are among the best shows in Las Vegas and the world, and since they are a bit expensive, it is worth choosing one to watch.



Magic Shows in Las Vegas

For those who like magic, there are two amazing shows in Las Vegas. The shows of Criss Angel and David Copperfield. They are true shows of magic and illu

sionism that are performed with an impressive structure and that leaves everyone dazzled. For those who like magic, these are the two best shows in Las Vegas.



Since it is the entertainment capital, Las Vegas attracts famous artists and singers who do concerts there throughout the year. A show that has won several awards is the incredible show of Celine Dion and, also, Britney Spears. It has other really cool shows like the Rock Of Ages Show, which is a musical that tells the history of rock recalling classics of the 80s with a super rock band, and the Jersey Boys Show, which is a musical show inspired in the success of Broadway, New York. All these shows are within the city’s main casinos and hotels. So you can enjoy the rest of the night getting to know the hotel, going to a restaurant or even to the best nightclubs of Las Vegas.



Adult’s shows in Las Vegas

And besides all these shows, there are also adult shows, that are not exactly lustful, but have beautiful and professional dancers who make incredible, sensual dances and interact with the audience. For men, the best options are the Crazy Girls, Peepshow and Fantasy, which are reliable and for the whole family, couples and not just for men, but many women also like these dance performance shows. For women, a cool and fun show is the show of Thunder Down Under Las Vegas, in which dancers entertain women. There are some tips for you to save on the purchase of your tickets to the Las Vegas shows.


Cheaper tickets and discounts for shows, attractions and tours in Las Vegas

We found an incredible place to buy tickets for all shows, attractions, tours and clubs in Las Vegas. It is the official website of the city, the largest seller of tickets of the world. As the official website, they have tickets for ALL the shows, attractions, nightclubs, restaurants, tours and excursions you can imagine and the prices are just amazing. You can find tickets for Cirque du Soleil for $70. We bought tickets for many other tours, nightclubs, helicopter rides etc, because it is very worthwhile. They also have tours to the Grand Canyon. The website is excellent and their service is great. Click here in Official Website of Las Vegas and take a look at the shows and attractions and their prices, which are really amazing.


30 May

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to visit. It can’t be denied that this city has become one of the most popular tourism destination. Thanks to the huge effort of local government and all those petrodollars turning this city into a world class metropolitan. But if you spend your days in Dubai only by exploring skyscrapers or those luxurious shopping malls it won’t be a complete one. You need to expand your adventure beyond the city wall and yes, that is exploring the desert.

Right outside the ultra-modern city of Dubai there’s a vast desert that never change for the last centuries. Contrary to the busy city lifestyle, the desert is so empty and quiet while it offers exotic natural landscape. It would be a huge shame going to Dubai without any desert adventure experience. Yes, desert is a dangerous place and you’re not supposed to go to the desert alone. You need an experienced guide who really knows the desert and able to show you all the interesting sides of the desert. Joining desert safari tour will be a great option and Evening Desert Safari is the best in this business.

This is the leading luxurious desert safari tour designed to provide the best experience exploring the desert while you can enjoy the best amenities. This evening safari tour offers exotic adventure on the desert giving you an experience like those ancient traders traveling through the desert. It is offering full package that you don’t need to worry about anything. The tour is started with lunch and started to go to the desert at 3 PM and scheduled to last to 9PM.

This evening safari tour offers luxurious facilities. Luxury 4×4 SUV will be your ride to the desert through a well designed route. Including the tour is dune bashing and camel riding, you can also witness the amazing sunset on the desert. On the night, you will stop at local Bedouin camp to enjoy traditional refreshment and meal while also watch traditional entertainment. The tour is guided by professionals and guaranteed for 100% safety. With VIP protocols and first class amenities, you will enjoy everything and get high satisfaction.

This is a great adventure you can’t miss. While you are in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact Evening Desert Safari and book a tour today. It is guaranteed you will get the best experience in your life and you will never regret your decision.

13 May

Mekong Delta 1 day tour by boat

There are so many places to visit around the world, but many among tourists love to come and visit the Asian countries. You will always find the airports full of passengers going to the different countries in Asia, such as, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines. Tourists love to come and stay in these countries during the holiday season, where they enjoy and have fun under the sun and embrace the beauty of the beaches. Asian countries also have a different taste and aroma when it comes to native delicacies, so this is also one of the reasons why tourists come to these Asian countries.

Among the most visited countries in the Southeast Asia is Vietnam. People from different walks of life come to Vietnam because it is rich in natural resources, tourist spots, culture and history. When it comes to history, you must not miss the spots to learn about the Vietnam Wars. If you are going to talk about a different kind of life and living on the water, then it is a must for you to come and visit the Mekong Delta. Here, you will find a different feeling in a different kind of environment. It is in the Mekong Delta, where you will surely enjoy.

If you are going to take the Mekong Delta 1 day, one day is enough to explore its beauty. Let’s say that from Cai Be, you are going to end up in Vinh Long. An early morning trip is needed to reach Cai Be before reaching noon time. You have to jump on a bus and start moving because it will take you 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh City. Upon arrival in Cai Be, you have to get on a motor boat. From there, your tour guide will bring you to the floating market. Like it refer Mekong Delta 1 day tour here http://vietfuntravel.com/one-day-mekong-delta-tour-cai-be-vinh-long

Along the Mekong Delta, you will have the chance, of course, to have to shop, observe the lifestyle, the livelihood, the community or villages and of course talking to the people around. After that, you may go to a factory where they make coconut candies and crispy rice cake. To explore more of the Mekong Delta, the boat will take you to An Binh Island, where you can have fresh fruits.

In the afternoon, you will enjoy rowing your boats along the Mekong Delta. After that, you may go to the Vinh Long City and have some shopping in the market and can talk to the people around. Your tour ends there and you have to go back to Ho Chi Minh City.

It might just be a day trip to Mekong Delta, but at least, you were able to have a good day exploring and discovering the life along the Mekong Delta. It is not usual to always transport by boat because we are used to landing transportation. But, in the Mekong Delta region, there is live on the water and that is where they are used to. So, learn to appreciate the beauty and toughness of the people around there.

23 Apr

Louer un chalet au Quebec

Vous avez décidé de louer un chalet mais que faut-il prendre comme chalet ? Est-ce un chalet au bord de l’eau, un chalet à proximité des centres de ski ou un chalet campagnard ? Ce qui est sûr c’est que pour faire une location de chalets au Québec, il faut tenir compte de vos goûts, de vos envies, de votre bourse et d’autres critères.

Les chalets proposés selon la saison et vos goûts

En période estivale, vous pouvez prendre un chalet au bord de l’eau dans la nature québécoise. Profitez des vacances d’été pour découvrir les lacs et cours d’eau qui font la renommée du Québec. Là, vous pouvez faire du kayak, du ski d’eau, de la nage et toutes sortes d’activités sympathiques. Là aussi, vous pouvez aller dans la forêt, cueillir des champignons, faire une escapade photo etc. Louer un chalet au bord de l’eau vous donne l’avantage d’avoir les activités autour de l’eau et de la forêt ensemble sans oublier la faune sauvage que vous pouvez admirer en toute quiétude, à deux ou en groupe.
Louez un chalet campagnard en bois ronds et profitez de la luxure de boisé splendide et une vue extraordinaire sur des paysages naturels intacts. Peut-être que vous allez optez pour les chalets des collines verdoyantes québécoises ou la brise estivale des lacs de nos territoires.
En hiver, la location de chalets en montagne vous rapproche des pistes skiables et des stations d’hiver. Il y a des condos de ski à louer, bien adaptés au confort et à l’hiver. Il y en a avec spa intérieur, cheminé au feu de bois pour faire une bonne ambiance chaleureuse.
Si vous aimez le luxe, prenez un chalet de luxe avec piscine ou spa intérieur ou extérieur convenable pour toutes saisons. Vous pouvez par exemple admirer en automne les couleurs flamboyantes des forêts québécoises dans un chalet en bois qui se fond dans le paysage.

Louez un chalet économique

Il existe des offres au rabais de dernière minute sur les chalets au Québec. Si vous passez de longues vacances, c’est bien utile d’avoir des rabais. Pour ce faire, faites des recherches en ligne et comparez. Si c’est un simple week-end que vous passez, en fonction de la capacité du chalet, sachez qu’en général, ça vous coûtera un peu plus cher par jour qu’une location de chalet longue durée.